Proposal of building construction - Optimal layout of rooms & production area - Layout of machines according products

Consulting Engineering Supply / Services
Consulting, Project-Planning and -Realisation,
Innovation, Marketing, Sales / Services

Industrial Sewing machines | Sewing units | Spare parts

For the Sewn-Industries
Production of Garments | Upholstery | Technical Textiles
Automobile Interior | Shoe Manufacturing | Specials

Our Performances
Competent Consulting in Sewing Technology | Investment
Optimising of production methods | Project-Studies-Planning |
Realisation and Service | Marketing and Sales of DUERKOPP
Sewing machines | Supply of machines | Design
Raw material | Accessories

281-140342 - Premium high-speed sewing machine 806n-121100 - Sew Pockets in New Technology

Our Activities
Sewing Technology and Projects, mainly for Arabic Countries

Consulting, Marketing, Sales and Service
-- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait --
C.E.S. / DA (direct)

867-190142-m - Excellent sewing technology meets powerful and energy-efficient DC Direct Drive 745-35 F - The convenient one  for the production of jackets
868-190322-m - M-TYPE 868 CLASSIC  the right handed post bed machine with inbuilt sewing motor for perfect topstitching seams 869-180322-m - M-TYPE 869-M CLASSIC Goldline  cylinder arm machine with vertical hook

-- Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Yemen --
Agent / Distributor for DUERKOPP ADLER
Star Sewing M. T. Co. L.L.C Dubai

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967-100382 - H-TYPE 967  Specialist for extreme sewing applications 581-151 BASIC CNC-Buttonhole Automat